interesting dining room design trends and renovation ideas

interesting dining room design trends and renovation ideas

Top Dining Room Design & Decoration Styles

For as long as we can remember the dining room was sectioned off, used only for the most special holiday dinners and parties you probably too young to attend. Now that you have your own home and are free to decorate, design and style as you please you may have more modern visions for your space. If you’ve been dreaming of redesigning your dining room, C&R Building Supply has outlined the latest trends for 2021 and beyond. Whether you use it for fancy dinner parties, daily meals or a work from home office space, these dining room design and style trends are sure to get your renovation juices flowing. C&R Building Supply offers a range of materials, tools and building supplies needed for all your home remodeling needs for your kitchen, dining room, bathroom, backyard and more!

6 Dining Room Design Trends for 2021 & Beyond

Less Traditional:
 Whether due to the coronavirus pandemic or the volume of dinner parties and gatherings we host at our home, the dining room has transformed. What was once a formal & well-defined room has become a relaxed and versatile space.

Round Tables: Swap out your harsh square or rectangle table for a softer, more intimate round table. We’re also seeing very simple tables paired with beautiful statement chairs as one of the hottest dining room style trends right now.

Bring in Nature: If your dining room doesn’t have access to direct outdoor space, bring the outdoors inside. Indoor plants, large floral centerpieces and unique wallpaper are all ways homeowners are bringing a natural element into their dining rooms.

Chandelier Centerpiece: Gone are the days when grand automatically equals expensive. Today, stunning chandeliers and light fixtures come in a wide variety of affordable, high-quality metals, glass, wood and more!

Eye-Catching Materials: One of the most modern design trends we’re seeing, not only in dining rooms, but also kitchens is the combination of metals and materials. With a little research and an eye for design you can mix-and-match gold metal, textiles and glass.

The End of Dining Rooms: Finally, we find many homeowners are renovating their dining rooms to better utilize the space. Those with small families opt to eat in their kitchen and host friends in their living to transform the underused room into a home office, exercise space, kids’ playroom and more!

If you’ve been dreaming of renovating your home, check out the hottest kitchen design trends for even more inspiration! For the DIY-ers in the greater Philadelphia area, come down to C&R Building Supply for building tools, materials, paints, cabinetry, countertops and much more from the best, most trusted brands!