interior design and renovation trends

interior design and renovation trends

Homeowner Remodeling & Renovation Trends to Explore in 2023

Home remodeling trends are constantly changing, from color palettes to flooring, accent pieces and more. In the midst of a global pandemic homeowners have plenty of time to focus on the aspects they like & don’t necessarily like about their homes. Besides aesthetics, on trend renovations can boost your resale value if you’re planning on moving soon! C&R Building Supply highlights the remodeling and renovation trends for 2021 that could help you spruce up & fall back in love with your dream home.

Top 10 Interior Design & Renovation Trends for 2023

Neutral Colors:
 Homeowners in 2023 are moving away from bold colors and moving towards neutral and earthy tones. Colors on this palette range from deep black to gray, buttercream, browns and even golden orange for a pop of color. From paints to home décor pieces, 2023 is all about getting back to natural color schemes.

Metal Accents: Complement your new neutral palette with accents of metal and metallic materials. Easily incorporate the metals in your lighting and fixtures, cabinetry hardware, touchless faucets, sleek shelving and décor items.

Two Toned Cabinets: With neutral earth tones back in trend, homeowners are finding creative ways to add pops of color. A great way to do this is painting your kitchen cabinets in two different, complementary tones. The top cabinets can be a sleek gray, while the bottom cabinets are painted a nice deep blue.

Vinyl Flooring: Durable, waterproof and highly resistant against pets & kids, vinyl flooring is back in trend for 2021. Best of all, this budget friendly alternative to hardwood flooring is very easy to install yourself!

Large Windows & Skylights: As homeowners begin adding dedicated home offices or work from home spaces, natural lighting is more important than ever. Swapping out your outdated small windows to modern larger ones will make a huge difference in the perceived size of your rooms. Skylights are also coming back into trend for homeowners without the options to increase the size of their existing windows. Studies show productivity increases exponentially with added sunlight.

Focus on Wellness: Self care and overall wellness are a high priority, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. For many of us, wellness begins at home. Natural lighting, clean lines and smart decor choices creates a healthy space to live and keep your mind clear and peaceful.

Home Multifunctionality: A basement or a spare room can be a space for a home office, gym, media room and entertainment.

Designer Laundry Room & Mudroom: When it comes to interior design, every room matters. Make the most out of these utilitarian spaces by incorporating the overall look and feel of your home throughout.

Outdoor Inspired: Interiors flow seamlessly into the outdoor space. Hues become gentler, large doors allow easy access to indoor/outdoor entertainment space, the furniture and decor match.

Indoor Gardening: Take your indoor plants a step further by inviting large-scale greenery inside! 

Remodeling & Building Supplies

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