preparation tips for your new year home improvement projects

preparation tips for your new year home improvement projects

Expert Advice & Tips for New Year Home Improvement Projects

As the New Year is approaching, you’ve probably written out a few resolutions you’d like to set and achieve over the next year. If home improvement is a priority on that list you may be overwhelmed on where to start. C&R Building Supply has compiled a list of 10 preparation tips for all of your New Year home improvement projects. These tips and tricks will help make the intimidating task of home improvement a little easier to tackle.

10 New Year Home Improvement Preparation Tips

Have a Vision of the Finished Look:
 Don’t start your New Year home improvement journey envisioning the end result of each individual room. Instead, visualize what you’d like the entire home to look like (even if that is a few years away). This way, your end result will be one cohesive style.

Stick to your budget: Do some research to get an idea of what everything is going to cost. Call around for some quotes from professional contractors. Once you’ve gathered enough information, create your budget and stick to it!

Evaluate your Needs: Always start with necessary (maintenance) projects like siding, roofing, windows, etc. before moving on to fun projects like redecorating.

Use Products on Multiple Projects: A very cost-efficient strategy is to use the same materials on multiple projects. If you have leftover paint from your master bedroom, use it in your downstairs bathroom. Have leftover wood from the deck project? Build a kitchen bench (or see if it can be returned).
Reinvest your Tax Return: Boost your remodeling budget by investing your income tax money. The lump sum increase will allow you to make a dent in your New Year home improvement projects.

Increase Storage Space: If you live in an older home and you’re looking to resell, adding closet space is a great return on your investment. This project is very cost-efficient and can usually be completed in a weekend!

Buy Energy Saving Appliances & Products: Energy-saving appliances will pay for themselves over several years as you’ll notice a decrease in your utility bills. Opt for energy-saving refrigerators, hot water heaters, faucets and more.

Schedule HVAC & Duct Maintenance: It is recommended that homeowners schedule an HVAC maintenance service and an air duct cleaning at least once a year. This ensures your system works at peak capacity and will help to identify any minor repairs before they turn costly.

Update the Lighting: Switching outdated light fixtures and lamps to newer models is relatively inexpensive, but makes a huge impact on the style of your home.

Be reasonable about DIY vs. Hiring a Contractor: Some projects, like switching out a lamp on an end table, can clearly be done yourself. But other more challenging projects should always be left to a professional. Know what is in your wheelhouse and what should be left up to a contractor.

Home Project Upgrade Inspiration

If you’ll be tackling most of your New Year home improvement projects yourself, make sure to purchasing your project and building supplies from a reputable company. C&R Building Supply in Philadelphia offers all of the tools, equipment, paints && ;hardware you’ll need to easily complete the DIY projects on your list. For more project inspiration, take a look at our Fall Home Improvement Projects, Winter Home Improvement Projects and the rest of our blog!